Covington community remembers officer killed in line of duty with bench dedication

Published: Sep. 29, 2022 at 5:02 PM EDT
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ALLEGHANY COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ) - The Covington community came together Thursday afternoon to dedicate a bench in memory of Officer Caleb Ogilvie.

The bench outside the Alleghany County Sheriff’s Office is meant to honor and remember Officer Ogilvie’s life. Sheriff Kevin Hall explained it’s a way to commemorate him giving the ultimate sacrifice for the Covington community.

“People are going to remember him and not forget about him,” Hall said.

Six months after Officer Ogilvie was killed in a gas station shooting, the Covington community is still healing. Covington City Council member Lance Carson explained the impact Ogilvie’s death had on the community.

“He wasn’t just a police officer,” Carson said. “He was a valued citizen of the city of Covington and Alleghany County.”

Ogilvie’s wife and children were the first to sit on the bench at Thursday’s dedication ceremony. Covington’s Chief of Police explained how he hopes the bench can help Ogilvie’s family heal.

“When the kids get old enough, and they realize exactly what happened, it’ll be an opportunity for them to come in and remember their father,” Christopher Smith said. “He did sacrifice his life that day for other members of the community.”

It’s a day Sheriff Hall remembers all too well.

“This the first time it ever happened in the history of Covington, and in my 36 and-a-half years, I had hoped I’d never have to see or deal with it,” Hall said. “It was a lot of grief during that time and still is to this day.”

Carson explained Ogilvie’s memory continues to live on in Covington.

“When you’re walking down Main Street, it’ll give you a chance to look over, see it and you’ll think about him and maybe you’ll take the time to pray for his family because they’ve got a long ways to go,” Carson said. “Those little girls lost their daddy and his wife is without him.”

Officers unveiled the bench outside the Alleghany County Sheriff’s Office Thursday afternoon.