Botetourt County approves zoning overlay plans for I-81 and exit 150 intersection

Published: Oct. 3, 2022 at 6:49 PM EDT
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BOTETOURT COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ) - Botetourt County’s Board of Supervisors has approved a new zoning district for businesses and residents.

The new zoning district is going to be three sub-districts. The first one is the area around the I-81 and exit 150 intersection, but the other sub-districts go back into the community away from the intersection.

Those subdistricts focus on community businesses and residential development. The county’s community development director explained how the approved plans will make development opportunities easier for businesses.

“There have been some challenges with redevelopment of the vacant properties because of some of the zoning regulations that we have in place from being a little outdated,” Nicole Pendleton said. “This opens up opportunities for folks to utilize more of their property.”

The goal of the new zoning districts is to make it easier for redevelopment and growth at the gateway of Botetourt County. One local business owner explained why she’s in favor of updating the zoning regulations in vacant lots.

“What the overlay does is it utilizes this area, where we already have commercial businesses, and helps us get more commercial businesses,” Arleen Boyd, owner operator of Mojo Custom Sportwear, said. “My company is a business-to-business company, so we welcome other businesses here.”

But some Botetourt County citizens aren’t in favor of the new zoning plans.

“I’m opposed to the project because it, I believe, will change the entire nature of Botetourt County,” Danny Goad said. “I believe that it will increase the population and the amount of congestion that we have.”

Other residents are concerned about pedestrian safety with the proposed increase in traffic.

“I’m in favor of the direction that they’re proceeding, but I just want to make sure that there are some adjustments,” Bill Sumner said.

Adjustments to the area first started in 2014 with VDOT’s construction of the roundabout.

At last Tuesday’s board meeting, members also approved plans for developers to build an apartment building with more than 200 units in Daleville.

The county is emphasizing there is no taxpayer cost or budget associated with the actual zoning changes.