Bedford County Planning Commission approves permits for Halesford Harbour projects in Moneta

Published: Oct. 5, 2022 at 1:03 AM EDT
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BEDFORD COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ) - In February 2019, Stewart Garland acquired Halesford Harbour, and in 2021, Garland acquired the 15942 Moneta Road parcel. Now, Accupoint Surveying and Design LLC is working to obtain two special use permits make significant changes to the areas.

A public hearing went before the Bedford County Planning Commission about the two special use permits. After a long discussion that included current residents and the developers, the planning commission voted unanimously in support of it, with a few recommendations related to golf carts not being allowed to leave the property, making sure people cannot do short term leases and getting Bedford County staff approval on the project.

“Personally I wouldn’t want this near my house. But what I have is a listed campground, a restaurant, I have a planned commercial district, I have a future land use map that says commercial. It seems to be germane, every plan, every thing that we have in the area, everything that’s existing record. To me, it shows that this is what the county had planned,” said planning commissioner Ronald Berman.

Residents in the surrounding area are overwhelmingly against the plan in its current form. They aren’t against development overall; they just want the plan to be changed. Some of their worries include car and boat traffic, the plan going against Bedford County’s Comprehensive Plan, property values going down and feeling like they are being forced out through development.

“There are other uses of this property that you need to get intent to the Bedford County Comprehensive Plan, the lofty plan, the rules that are in there, to preserve its royal charm, ensure the new development enhances the beauty of the area and maintains the culture of integrity of the community. This proposal does the opposite, excessive density, public safety issues and devalued properties and the feeling that we are being pushed out besides that,” said Steve Pitcher.

The special use permits will still have to be approved through a public hearing by the Bedford County Board of Supervisors. You can find some of the proposed plan below:

The west parcel proposed plan includes 109 recreational vehicle sites, making all interior roads at least 20 feet wide, 20 wide common walkways, pool and rec center, shops, swim facilities, including the existing Halseford Harbour Inn, existing marina and three tier stacked boat storage.

The east parcel proposed plan includes 132 recreational vehicle sites, making all interior roads at least 20 feet wide, 20 wide common walkways, a general store and café, check in area, normal parking, truck/camper/RV parking, pool, playground, bathhouse, splash pad, swim facilities, beach area and a boat landing.

WDBJ7 will continue to follow this story closely and plans to connect with residents and Bedford County before the next public hearing.