Floyd County Humane Society sees positives following move to central location

Published: Oct. 19, 2022 at 4:32 PM EDT
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FLOYD COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ) - Dogs and cats in the Floyd County Humane Society have a new central location to live in while they wait for their forever homes.

“The dogs are much calmer because they can go outside and their runs, they have more space and instead of being in a small kennel inside all day,” FCHS Volunteer Mary Weeks said.

For years, the Humane Society had to keep dogs at different places around the county. Now the group has its own building and a new kennel space to house dogs on the property.

Weeks says having that space has led to an increase in volunteers.

“We’ve had more people come out from the community that want to help us now that we have our own place,” she said. “The excitement has just been phenomenal.”

Having all the animals in one place is something the humane society had been working on for a while. So far, it’s made life easier for volunteers and the animals waiting for adoption.

“It’s been needed in Floyd for a long time,” Weeks said. “We’re one of the few counties in the New River Valley that didn’t have a facility and so I think people are recognizing that need and starting to come and rally around us and we’re just thrilled.”

The dog kennel arrived to the property pre-built and it can hold up to seven dogs at a time.

“We can get them out in the yard easier without having to do a lot of putting on leashes and leads,” Weeks said. “We can just open gates and just let them run and play, and since we have more volunteers that have stepped up, they’re getting a whole lot more exercise.”