Here’s how to take advantage of seasonal work

A look at the jobs available now in our hometowns
Updated: Nov. 18, 2022 at 3:00 PM EST
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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - Seasonal work is temporary employment that recurs around the same time every year.

Tim Saunders, Virginia Career Works Outreach Coordinator, joined us on Here @ Home to talk about seasonal jobs and the benefits they offer.

One benefit to a seasonal job is that it provides you with the opportunity to learn new skills and work in industries in which you previously may not have worked. This is a great way to boost your resume and show hiring managers that you have a diverse set of abilities. If you have a specific company in mind that you’d like to work for as a full-time employee, you may start as a temporary employee to allow the business to get to know you. This gives you the opportunity to show the company what you have to offer and how you’d benefit it when working in a full-time position.

You can also reduce gaps in your employment history. Gaps in your employment history can potentially have a negative impact on how hiring managers view you as a candidate. Seasonal positions offer the opportunity to fill in any gaps so that you have continuous employment.

There are many seasonal jobs available in retail. Tim says most of the clothing and general merchandise stores at malls and shopping centers are offering seasonal employment in sales associate and cashier positions. UPS is also hiring seasonal package drivers. Those jobs pay approximately $21 per hour, with some additional pay based on the mileage driven. Radial in Martinsville is also hiring around 400 people to work in its fulfillment center in Martinsville, filling online package orders for large companies. J-Crew is hiring seasonal warehouse associates in Lynchburg. J-Crew doesn’t have any stores in our region, but its main fulfillment warehouse for online orders is in Lynchburg. Pay ranges from $15 - $16 per hour depending on the shift you work, and there is some flexibility in case you want to take this position on at night or on the weekend as a second job.