5 Points Music Foundation hosting benefit concert to buy building

Published: Nov. 28, 2022 at 5:21 PM EST
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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - Leaders of a local non-profit aiming to make the arts more accessible for people with disabilities are asking for your help.

At 5 Points Music Foundation sanctuary and fellowship are found in sound. The ability to hear is something we can take for granted.

But for Tyler Godsey being able to hear is a gift.

“I have two children that are both deaf. They both received cochlear implants allowing us to celebrate the gift of sound,” said Godsey.

The first words his kids heard were “I love you.” Three simple words.

But that moment made Godsey realize he never wanted to take sound for granted.

“It hit me in a unique way. It was an emotional, mental, physical, spiritual impact,” explained Godsey.

He founded the 5 Points Music Foundation in 2017.

“We fund and promote programs like music therapy, hearing loss advocacy, accessibility initiatives, and more,” added Godsey.

In 2019, his kids were diagnosed with Usher’s syndrome. A rare disease with no cure. They’ll eventually lose their eyesight.

Godsey says this expanded his mission.

“We have backpacks that feed in the PA system that take the vibrations of the music and send it to the person wearing it. We have colorblind correction glasses for people to watch lights as they are originally intended. We have headphones that feed for people with hearing loss or sensory-related challenges,” explained Godsey.

Now, he’s asking for the community’s help to buy the sanctuary and keep the mission going. They need to raise 500 thousand dollars.

“It’s built on empathic donations in which people realize our work is meaningful. Our work has been successful, and our work is sustainable,” said Godsey.

This Giving Tuesday 5 Points wants your help with that mission. They’re asking for donations and inviting the public to a benefit concert Tuesday night.