Hometown Eats: Buchanan Fountain and Grille

Published: Dec. 15, 2022 at 5:07 PM EST
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BUCHANAN, Va. (WDBJ) - Unique to our area are the numerous small town mom-and-pop restaurants and the history that lives inside. Maybe one of the most sought out, is about 30 miles north of the Star City.

“If the walls could talk, the stories would be amazing,” said regular customer Debbie Quirin.

The Buchanan Fountain and Grille right off Main Street is a true blast from the past. No really, it’s literally a fallout shelter. Inside, the walls are covered with novelties, a display case with an old bowling ball from the duck bowling lanes in the basement, a portrait of the original owner and pharmacist Mr. William Ransone Jr. and the seasonal sounds of Bing Crosby, all allowing you to slip back into a by-gone era.

“It reminds me somewhat of going to my grandparents,” said regular customer Donny Quirin.

I don’t know about you where I come from, grandma’s house meant lots of smiles and plenty of country cooking. You get both in this joint.

“I had the turkey bacon melt. It’s one of my favorite sandwiches to get here the way they grill the bread. It’s just a warm sandwich that fills the belly,” said Donny.

Breakfast all day, burgers, pizza, fried chicken, and...

“Fried frog legs!” Regular customer Darrel Naff exclaimed.

Wait, what?

“I was eating that in here one day and I had a lot of people walk by who didn’t know that was on the menu and I told them it wasn’t. It’s all about knowing the owner, they’re our friends, we love them,” added Naff.

That owner is Mark Marsh, he’s no stranger to the business, having worked for several large family restaurants before deciding it was time to be the one calling the shots. He opened the Swinging Bridge café in Buchanan then 6 years ago, he took over the fountain.

“The town itself, Buchanan is just super friendly, good people, wouldn’t trade it for anything,” said Marsh.

“It’s so laid back in here and everybody is friendly and kind and for me you get more than you can eat half the time,” said Naff.

“We have a lot of customers come in here and say if you can’t find anything on the menu then you’re not hungry,” joked Marsh.

Luckily that’s not a problem we have here on Hometown Eats. We got things kicked off with a smothered and covered sausage and gravy biscuits with scrambled eggs and hash browns. As good as the breakfast menu is, trust me, you’ll want to look beyond the most important meal of the day.

“Burgers is probably one of our better sellers,” said Marsh

“I had the bacon cheeseburger, it’s delicious!” Debbie explained.

Over a dozen burgers as a matter of fact. Fresh ground beef and stacked up so high it needs a toothpick to hold it together! The menu offers a wide variety of dishes from catfish to the fried corn bites. It’s all good!

Don’t forget a sweet treat to finish a meal at any time of the day, but what really sets the Fountain apart are the memories.

“Older woman came in and asked about that picture on the wall. It was here back in 1959,” said Marsh.

“Family is important to us, and we enjoy spending time together, time with our grandchildren, and time with our children to pass down traditions and those kinds of things to them so it’s fun to bring them to places like this and let them see something different,” said Donny.

The Buchanan Fountain and Grille, a hometown eat where the walls come alive!

The Buchanan Fountain and Grille can be found at 19771 Main St, Buchanan, VA 24066 and is open Tuesday through Saturday.