Customers raise concerns over Appalachian Power’s increase in electric bills

Published: Dec. 30, 2022 at 4:52 PM EST
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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - Electricity bills across the Roanoke Valley are going up. Appalachian Power customers are reporting increases of hundreds of dollars within the last month.

AEP customers asked WDBJ7 to look into why some bills from Appalachian Power are increasing by up to $400 from last month. Even if you’re not changing your thermostat, a spokesperson with the company explained why families may be seeing the increase.

“We’ve heard the information online and from social media from customers advising us of the increase in their bills,” George Porter said. “We’ve asked those customers to give us a call, reach out to us by phone, reach out to us on social media.”

The concerns come after Appalachian Power announced a fuel rate increase would cost families an extra $20 a month.

“You add that increase in with the fact that it’s winter, people are using more electricity to heat their homes, so it’s not a surprise that we are seeing those influxes and builds this time of year,” Porter said.

There are still some ways to save. Customers can call AEP for a free home performance assessment, limit the use of high energy lights and consider keeping the heat at moderate level.

“I think a lot of the tools we have online will help if customers are willing to take a look at that and really make energy efficiency a lifestyle,” Porter said.

Another way to save is by making sure your thermostat is set to auto and keeping the fan off.