SOVAH Health releases update to patient visitation policy

Published: Jan. 23, 2023 at 3:42 PM EST
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(WDBJ) - Effective Tuesday January 24, SOVAH Health will be reverting back to their normal patient visitation policy.

This update applies to everyone other than COVID-19 positive patients, and patients under investigation (PUI) of COVID-19.

The update from SOVAH Health is as follows:

“Visiting Hours: 8am - 9pm

9pm- 8am: One overnight visitor allowed

Visitation Policy for COVID-19 patients and PUI of COVID-19:

• COVID-19 positive and PUI patients will be limited to one (1) designated visitor until the patient is no longer in isolation.

• This includes Labor & Delivery/Family Maternity Center COVID-19 positive patients. Doulas are not included in the visitor count.

• Visitors for COVID-19 positive patients or patients suspected of having COVID-19 must put on a new mask to exit the facility and must leave the facility immediately after visitation. The visitor should not stop at the cafeteria, gift shop, or visit any other patients.

• Exemptions may be made for end of life visitation at nursing leadership discretion.

• COVID-19 Pediatric patients or suspected of having COVID-19, only 1 parent/guardian at a time in the room is allowed.

• Clergy are allowed to visit in addition to the approved visitor.

• Visitors for COVID-19 positive patients or patients suspected of having COVID-19 are not allowed to eat or drink in patient rooms.

General Visitation Rules:

• Visitors entering the facility between 7pm – 8:30am will need to use the Emergency Department Entrance.

• Any visitor who is not following the Visitor Guidelines will be asked to leave without visiting.

• All visitors are required to stop at reception, share a photo ID along with their destination, and receive a photo visitor badge.

• Please limit congregating in waiting rooms. We request that visitors remain in patient’s room if possible to free up space in waiting rooms.

• If a waiting room is at capacity, you may be asked to wait outside of the building or in your vehicle.

• Social distancing and masks are required at all times in the hospital regardless of vaccination status, except when eating or drinking while socially distanced.

• Visitors 12 and under are prohibited from visiting in ICU.

• Visitors of patients who have AGP’s (aerosol generating procedures) have a risk of exposure and should understand the risk prior to visitation. Please communicate with the patient’s nurse.

• Each department may have specific guidelines around how many visitors are allowed at a given time and this may change as patient and/or community needs arise.”

SOVAH Health website