EARLY YEARS: Mom of three offers parenting hacks and more on Mothercould

Website and social media app seeks to help moms know that they’re not alone in their struggles
Myriam Sandler started reaching out to other parents when she had struggles with her first baby
Published: Feb. 1, 2023 at 5:41 AM EST
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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - ”I was the first friend that I knew in my circle to have a kid,” says Myriam Sandler, founder of Mothercould.

Sandler is now the proud mom of three young daughters. But her first baby developed a feeding issue as she was approaching her first birthday.

“She refused to eat anything that had a texture. All she wanted to do was drink milk. She was breastfeeding at the time,” says Sandler.

The pediatrician wasn’t concerned because her baby was still growing.

But Sandler listened to her own mom intuition.

“I realized she had a texture sensitivity because every time we would go to the beach, or we would sit her down on grass, she woulod kind of like clinch up and she didn’t want to touch it,” says Sandler,” says Sandler.

That’s when Sandler started making Taste Safe Sensory play recipes.

“So, I made things like edible play doh, edible slime, everything edible with a texture that was similar to something in food, and I exposed her to all these textures through play. That way when we got to the dinner table, all of these textures were familiar to her,” says Sandler.

That made a huge difference. And in a matter of months, her baby was eating foods many older children refuse to eat.

“Within six months, she was eating salmon and quinoa,” says Sandler.

Her struggle inspired Sandler to reach out to other moms online and on social media.

“I got a lot of validation from my Instagram community. And it was small at the time, but that just gave me that ‘mother could’ moment that I could do this,” says Sandler.

Sandler says she started making short video tutorials on a range of topics.

“That kind of moved from kids’ activities and expanded into travel, products, mom hacks, cleaning hacks, pretty much everything, because as you know, motherhood is very diverse,” says Sandler.

The birth of Mothercould came from a mom sharing her story, and filling the common need for connections.

“We are the same. We go through the same struggles. Even though we have different backgrounds, different circumstances, different kids, different spouses, everything’s different, we have the same struggles. We have the same victories. We strive for the same things. and that’s really reassuring,” says Sandler.