Air Force Colonel creates app for communities

Whensit is designed to connect communities no matter the distance
Published: Feb. 23, 2023 at 4:32 PM EST
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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - Colonel Peter Larsen is active duty Air Force and to date has served his country for 26 years.

Larsen joined in 1997 as an ROTC entry from the University of North Carolina Charlotte. “I went into flight school to become a C-130 navigator. At about the 10-year point, I decided I was going to get into Middle East political affairs, so I went out and got a degree in Middle East studies.”

Larsen’s first experience with combat was early in his career with the Bosnia and former Yugoslavia conflict. In 2004, he flew a C-130 in Iraq and he also served in Afghanistan. “When I was at the Pentagon I was on what they call a “joint staff,” so that’s working for the chairman. We were trying to provide the best military advice we could to the chairman so he could give that to the combat commanders or the president. So we were coming up with strategies and plans that would use our resources the best way in these conflicts.”

And he’s not landing his plane or his plans anytime soon. While still serving active, Larsen has a wife and two kids, while somehow finding the time to teach while getting his PhD. “I’m in my second year of my PhD at George Mason University in public policy. I also teach right now. I’m teaching at the National War College, strategy and public policy.”

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Who said Larsen’s generation isn’t good with technology? Not only does Larsen know tech; he recently created a successful app that was launched this month. The app is called ‘WhensIt’.

“The idea for Whensit came from my own frustrations as a parent. I was spending way too much time digging around trying to find my kids’ college calendars, their high school calendars, when are the SAT dates, when are the college application deadlines,” explained Larsen. “You’ll find umbrella icons, which are files of calendars. We offer all different types of things on here, book releases, Netflix trailers, and all sorts of different events like concerts, parades, etc.”

QR code for Whensit app
QR code for Whensit app(Whensit)

You can also purchase tickets to your events, it integrates with Google calendars, and the app is free.

Build a plan and execute, that is Larsen’s specialty! Who knows where the future will take him. While his training for military combat was vital, his goal is to continue to serve his country and its people even outside of uniform.