Science Museum uses rock experiment to preview spring & summer camps

Unique opportunity to kids to study the science of rocks and minerals
Updated: Feb. 28, 2023 at 3:00 PM EST
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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - The Science Museum of Western Virginia is gearing up for its Spring Break and Summer Camps!

Shannon Allen, Director of Marketing, joins us on Here @ Home to tell us about the exciting programs for kids to learn and explore at both camps this year.

The Spring Break camps begin March 27, offering a program for children to explore the geology and the science of rocks and minerals through what they call their “Rock Hunters” camp. Kids can get hands-on experiences and engaging activities to foster curiosity and a love of learning.

The Museum will also offer Summer Camp programs, which will feature new and engaging themes designed to inspire and ignite children’s passion for science.

Follow them on social media to learn more and look out for registration times and dates!

The museum is previewing its Rock Hunters Spring Break day camps with an experiment on 7@four.

Katie Brooks, the Director of Education, and Lesley St. Clair, Assistant Director of Education, demonstrate a geology experiment called “Bubble-Blowing Boulders,” which uses a variety of rock samples submerged in common household liquids to test the difference between rock compositions.

In the demonstration, a variety of rocks is tested in a solution made with lemon juice, vinegar and water. Some rocks will emit bubbles when submerged in the solution, and others will not, based on the rocks’ compositions.

The museum is accepting enrollments to its “Rock Hunters” Spring Break Camp online here for children in 2nd – 5th grade.