Former Harlem Globetrotter brings ‘Stand Tall Against Bullying’ campaign to Martinsville students

Published: Mar. 8, 2023 at 4:58 PM EST
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MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ) - Former Harlem Globetrotter and tallest man in America is using his stature to become a positive influence for young people.

7-foot-8 George Bell visited Patrick Henry Elementary School in Martinsville Wednesday to share his anti-bullying message to more than 300 students.

“I was very amazed on their response,” said Bell. “They were pretty quiet and they were cooperative. They participated and some commented on certain things about what they experience at home. So, it was a great, great response.”

The main goal of his Stand Tall Against Bullying campaign is to encourage students to always tell a trusted adult if they are being bullied or see a bully. And-

“Treat people how you want to be treated,” explained William Hall, Patrick Henry Elementary School student.

“It’s so important for them to understand that it’s not a good trait to develop to be bullying other people, because it’s definitely not going to help you in life,” said Cameron Cooper, Principal of Patrick Henry Elementary School. “You want to be a good citizen and a good person, and bullying other people is definitely not going to help with that.”

A local of Portsmouth, Virginia, Bell hopes his message can have an impact on children throughout the state.

“My purpose here is to save a child’s life to try to get a child to see the light and that taking your life is not the answer. I’m hoping that what I share can help save a life, even if it’s just one,” added Bell.

Bell has been to six schools in the past two months. He plans to visit more schools in the area in the near future.