Veterans honor Bedford couple

Lisa and Donnie Callahan receive a plaque from veterans after catering to military men and women for years
Published: Mar. 30, 2023 at 5:47 PM EDT
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BEDFORD, Va. (WDBJ) - There’s a “mess-hall” in Bedford, Virginia that’s much different than most. It’s full of military men and women, except in this line you get as much chow as you want and you don’t have to eat quickly. Although that might be tough to avoid when Lisa Callahan is in the kitchen!

Lisa and her husband Donnie Callahan owned Fisher’s Restaurant years ago. In 2019, WDBJ7 featured their restaurant on Hometown Eats. Not only known for their delicious food, but for their hunger to serve free food to our military men and women. “When I closed my restaurant, they wondered how we would continue this get together. I said, ‘We’ve got you covered. You’re gonna come to the barn now which is next door to our home!’” said Callahan.

Their beautiful red barn is next door to their home and has been renovated with an industrial kitchen, all to serve those who served us.

Michael Laughlin is a Navy Seal veteran who served three tours in Vietnam. Laughlin said this breakfast means a lot to him and others.

“When I first came back from Vietnam, I was spit on four times in the airport,” he said. “When you have people like Lisa who go out of their way for us, it means a lot.”

Daniel Villarial is a 96-year-old Marine Corp veteran. He enjoys coming to the get-together for the nostalgia.

“Its just great to be with these guys because we all have something in common,” he said. “It’s like being back in the Marine Corps again. Just a good time to talk to them and all of us veterans.”

And because Donnie and Lisa Callahan are steadfast supporters of all veterans, a surprise plaque had their names written all over it. The veterans had a special plaque created just for the Callahans to show their thanks.

Lisa says it’s the least she could do.

“We have Marines, Seals, Navy, Army, and Air Force. All of these folks have served proudly and they sit out there and talk about times serving our country,” she said. “Sometimes they laugh and sometimes they cry. To watch the emotion of what these men and women have been through is so powerful. Everyone should stand and applaud and put your hand over your heart proudly for the United States of America.”

Lisa may no longer have a restaurant, but her heart and her home are big enough to keeping serving those who served our country.