Dog shot in Patrick County reunites with owner after owner sees story on WDBJ7

Published: Apr. 10, 2023 at 7:43 PM EDT
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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ) - We first told you Saturday about a dog that was shot in Patrick County and was being cared for in Franklin County. Monday, that pup was reunited with her owner after she saw her dog on Your Hometown Station.

For Sam Dalton - there was first relief and then tears the moment she saw her dog Diane.

“They’re part of the family,” said Dalton. “They’re more than just an animal, they have personalities and they’re caring and loving.”

Last week Dalton’s dogs Jack and Diane went missing. At first, she wasn’t worried. For the last decade, Dalton has known her dogs to roam but always return home.

“We live in a country setting and the neighbors feed them,” explained Dalton.

But when a few days went by, she was concerned.

“Friday evening, we was really getting worried and started looking,” said Dalton.

What happened next made the news Saturday.

A Franklin County Humane Society volunteer found Diane in Patrick County near Commerce Street. She had been shot. A friend saw our story and showed it to Sam.

“I couldn’t stop crying, seeing her limping, thinking why would anyone do this to her. As sweet as she is and as sweet as both of my dogs are,” added Dalton. “They don’t bark, they wouldn’t hurt anybody.”

One of Diane’s legs was set to be amputated Monday afternoon.

“She was shot from the front and it grazed her front leg and then shattered her femur,” said Franklin County Humane Society Executive Director Anita Scott. “So, the back leg will have to be removed.”

Dalton says she filed a police report and wants justice.

Jack is still missing. Dalton is holding out hope that he’s still alive.

“There’s no reason why she should be suffering like this and now my jack may possibly never come home,” said Dalton.

The Franklin County Humane Society says the donations for Diane will be used for her care.