Blacksburg FY 23-24 budget ready for approval

Published: Apr. 25, 2023 at 3:24 PM EDT
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BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ) - Blacksburg’s fiscal year 23-24 budget will be voted on April 25.

Blacksburg’s Mayor Leslie Hager-Smith says being frugal during the pandemic is helping the town’s finances now.

“We got through it and our revenues are almost back to where they were pre-pandemic, so that’s really good news,” she said.

Hager-Smith says during the pandemic the town learned a thing or two and is even setting aside some money in this budget for improvements to Draper Road.

“What we discovered is that Draper [Rd.] could be functioning very differently,” she said. “We had always planned to improve that street, but now there are going to be some things that will improve the pedestrian experience, it will close off a portion of it and allow people to gather there, I think it will be very welcome.”

According to the mayor, the town has 61 job openings and is looking for ways to fill these positions.

“That’s on the police station, and also public works, and Blacksburg transit, so important services to our citizens, and we’re getting along, but it is important for us to be forward looking and to anticipate those needs,” she said.

The town has decided to keep its real estate tax stable at $.26 per $100 of assessed value.

“The reassessment put our revenue up somewhat, but it actually, the modest amount that it will go up will not meet the cost of living that has gone up,” Hager-Smith said.