The Chandlerie: Christiansburg’s newest candle shop and storefront opens

Published: May. 8, 2023 at 6:39 AM EDT
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CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ) - A mother’s dream of opening her own brick-and-mortar candle shop has come true.

Meet The Chandlerie. It’s owned by Astleigh Hill, a one-woman team, and the chandler - a professional candle maker - behind the candles.

The story behind the name of the storefront is a mix of history and a twist of Hill’s style.

Historically, a chandler would operate a chandlery, or medieval office, responsible for making, storing, and selling wax, candles, and soaps. Because these were all items needed aboard ships, the chandlery became more of a general shop for everything required by shipmates.

Pulling from this inspiration, Hill used an ‘ie’ in place of a ‘y’ at the end of the original word to create a name unique to her business - a candle atelier and home boutique.

Hill says her shop began with a blog, a dream, and the passion to share something with others. She started making and selling candles online about six years ago. Then it slowly evolved into a brick-and-mortar studio.

Her goal is for people to feel a cozy, welcoming feeling all while picking their favorite scents inside the store or in the candle library.

Hill says she couldn’t have done it without the support and handy work of her husband, and her three little ones cheering her on.

“The God-given passions I have had-- when you start to really step into them, and step out and embrace that and who you are and who God made you to be. And then you invite Him into the process. This is what it looks like. And it is so humbling and amazing, and the amount of support that has come around behind me, family, friends, I’ve just been touched by the entire process,” said Hill. “And it was so cool to finally have the storefront, that I’ve been dreaming about for the last six and a half years.”

She says this allows her to be a mom and a business owner.

Her shop also has a selection of home items and curated baskets for gifting.

Starting in June, The Chandlerie will also offer candle-pouring workshops for small gatherings such as a girls’ night or date.

You can also shop online at