Hometown Eats: Tuggle’s Gap Roadside Inn

Published: May. 18, 2023 at 4:03 PM EDT
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FLOYD, Va. (WDBJ) - The Blue Ridge Parkway offers you some breathtaking destinations. It also provides some mouthwatering dishes.

We’re making a pitstop in Floyd at Tuggle’s Gap Roadside Inn for this week’s Hometown Eats!

“It’s a piece of American roadside history. It’s a piece of American road trip culture. We’re just trying to be the best Tuggle’s Gap we can be,” said Tuggle’s Gap Roadside Inn owner Nick Bieneck.

Tucked off mile post 165 on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Floyd, Tuggle’s Gap Roadside Inn has welcomed travelers for a quick stop or extended stay since 1938.

Bieneck drove by this place for years attending and working Floydfest then decided in September 2021 to buy it.

“A lot of firsts with this place, a lot of learning things as we go. There was no manual that came with Tuggle’s Gap,” said Bieneck.

A dual citizen of America and Sweden, Bieneck spent most of his twenties studying and working in hospitality around Switzerland. So, he brings some global experience to the crest of the Blue Ridge, while keeping history alive.

“In the late 70s and early 80s they were doing a folk life project out here where they were sending around photographers and documenting the Appalachian and Blue Ridge culture. We were able to locate pictures of Tuggle’s Gap because this place resonates with people and has been a part of people’s lives for decades,” said Bieneck.

Not much has changed with the bones of the place like the original flooring and wood paneling on the walls. Modern upgrades have been made to the guest rooms like high-speed fiber internet and appliances.

“I think what anybody would say about what we’ve done with Tuggle’s Gap is the authenticity. From what we bring to the table that is our own influences on the place itself, to me being in the kitchen making the biscuits and gravy keeping them fresh,” said Bieneck.

The hospitality knowledge came from his European roots, the kitchen skills most definitely came from Bieneck’s North Carolina roots.

You’re not only getting an old-time meal on your plate, it’s being made in an old-time pan.

“Griswold 14-inch cast iron pan. I can tell from the logo on the bottom on of the pan it was made between the 1920s and 1940s. We assume it’s been here since the get go and 10s of thousands of meals have been cooked in it,” said Bieneck.

Tuggle’s Gap also offers grab and go meals throughout the day like their new “Parkway Picnic Pack” and don’t forget to add great grandma’s dessert.

It’s not just food, you can find everything from gas to tick removal and foraging mushrooms kits.

Bieneck has plans for a stage and eventually bluegrass concerts on the weekends while you enjoy time by the firepit and toss a little cornhole.

“It’s a lot of work and it will drive you crazy, but I often have these surreal moments that I can’t believe. I’m so fortunate to be doing this with my life,” said Bieneck.

Tuggle’s Gap Roadside Inn, a hometown eat where you get global hospitality with southern charm.

Tuggle’s Gap Roadside Inn is located at 3351 Parkway Ln S, Floyd, VA 24091.