Hometown Jobs: Wytheville Community College accepting applications for registered nursing program

Published: May. 24, 2023 at 5:32 PM EDT
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WYTHEVILLE, Va. (WDBJ) - As we have shared with you over the past few years, the need for healthcare workers is great here in Southwest Virginia, especially in smaller communities.

Wytheville Community College is accepting applications for the registered nursing program.

“We actually expanded our enrollment options and opened up a few more spots to try and meet the growing workforce need that we have in our area,” said Karla Yates, Program Head.

Yates said the college has a long-standing history of producing incredible nurses.

“Our pass rate right now is a 93% and that is the third highest in the Virginia Community College system, so we’re very proud of that,” said Yates.

Some of those in the program go out into the workforce and then decide to come back.

“Really love this community and decided to give back in a different way by helping the upcoming nurses,” said Brittney Ring, Assistant Professor.

Ring is an example of that; she went through the program and is now an assistant professor.

“In my family, going to college is not something especially the women did, so I was one of the first ones in my family to pursue that route and the community college was the best way for me to do that,” said Ring.

During the two-year program, you will learn the foundation of nursing.

“They travel through the lifespan from birth to death of taking care of patients in various different settings,” said Yates.

“This program is really great about giving you experiences in the community while you are in the program, so you are out and you’re taking care of patients that are in this community, which is likely where most of our students will work,” said Ring.

Students are in the program taking classes to prepare for a career much needed in Southwest Virginia.

“We have nurses who are retiring, we have nurses who have decided that after the pandemic that it’s just not for them anymore, we have nurses that have moved into different specialties... There are sign-on bonuses. There are very attractive salaries that are available for students,” said Yates.

“If you start with compassion, we can nurture that and help you grow a lot of the other skills that are required, so as far as clinical skills, we’ll help you learn those,” said Ring.

The deadline to apply is June 1.

Students should (1) fill out the WCC application; (2) request all transcripts and send those to WCC Admissions, 117 Bland Hall, 1000 East Main Street, Wytheville, Virginia; (3) sign up to take the TEAS test; and, (4) request and complete WCC’s Health Professions application.

For questions or for more information about WCC’s RN program or other healthcare profession opportunities, contact Hunter Jackson, WCC Health Professions Recruitment & Enrollment Specialist, at 276.223.4741, or hjackson@wcc.vccs.edu.