Hometown Eats: Lickidy Split

Published: May. 25, 2023 at 3:20 PM EDT
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VINTON, Va. (WDBJ) - There’s no such thing as too many ice cream parlors, only too little time to try all the flavors.

What pairs perfectly with ice cream? BBQ and hot dogs, especially when it’s at an affordable price!

We’re checking out Lickidy Split in Vinton where they’re scoopin’ & smilin’ in this week’s Hometown Eats.

“You can’t beat the prices. The service is always top notch. The food is always on point,” said regular customer Margaret.

Three things that might be few and far between these days but it’s a triple scoop of exactly what you’ll find at Lickidy Split along Route 24 on the edge of Vinton.

“It’s an ice cream shop that you can truly bring your whole family and afford to eat,” said Lickidy Split owner Brian Jones.

Husband and wife owners Brian and Melissa Jones opened this shop in August of 2022 with that goal and their family in mind. Believe me, they know a thing or two about helping your wallet; they have 11 kids.

“4 to 25. I had three, he had four, and we adopted four,” said owner Melissa Jones.

Inside you can’t help but smile, from the bright colors on the tables and walls to a menu that doesn’t break the bank.

“We wanted to have a place where everybody can come and enjoy themselves and not just do it once a year,” said Brian.

“We don’t have any other place that serves great ice cream with a smile as good as these people do,” said regular customer Michelle.

The Jones’ weren’t sure how things would pan out, opening toward the end of the summer season. But the first-year milestone is approaching, thanks to a customer base that grew in large part to what they’ll tell you is their unashamed Christian faith.

“Looking into it I was kind of scared to do it, because everything tells you that if you’re Christian that you’re supposed to hide it, and we just felt like we wanted to advertise it. That’s what Romans 1:16 says, be bold. Be proud that you’re a Christian,” said Brian.

“I think we owe a lot to the church (Lighthouse Bible Church). The church really supported us a lot and a lot of our customer base came from the church when we first started out,” Melissa.

The menu isn’t 100 items deep; they keep it short and sweet.

“I love the homemade chili and the homemade barbecue,” said Michelle.

Where they go deep is the number of Hershey’s ice cream flavors, about 40 to try, but I go with what I know, Cappuccino Crunch.

“If it’s your birthday, I don’t care how old or young you are, if it’s your birthday you get a free ice cream and that goes for everybody,” said Brian.

They’ve got you covered if you need something salty to go with the sweet, a variety of flavors from a Radford-owned popcorn company, A Lil’ Bit Corny.

“Melissa and Brian love on the kids, they introduce themselves to everyone, and they’re just a family-owned business. We love it here!” exclaimed Michelle, who had her 6-month-old grandchild, Ryan, on her lap.

Lickidy Split, a hometown eat you’ll fall in love with, lickety-split. Lickidy Split is at 2445 E Washington Ave Vinton, VA 24179.