Claire Parker Foundation to restore fourth home to sell to help children with cancer

Published: Jun. 27, 2023 at 5:16 PM EDT
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ALTAVISTA, Va. (WDBJ) - The Claire Parker Foundation is renovating another home to sell for a good cause.

Renovations are underway on Claire House #4 as a way to restore the community and help kids who are battling cancer.

Around 15 volunteers came together to begin gutting the home Saturday.

“They went inside the house and took down walls that needed to come down and took out old stuff that was left in the house,” said Karly Hagwood, Director of Communications for the Claire Parker Foundation. “They laid the groundwork for this home for our contractors to come in more easily and start their jobs without having to delay that and having to do more work themselves.”

The four-bedroom, two-bathroom home is the fourth one they’ve flipped in the community.

“We wanted a way to give back to the community while also giving back to these children. One of the processes is redoing homes in Altavista and making them more beautiful, making them livable. A lot of these homes sit vacant, and we want to help give them a second purpose and give this community more life,” added Hagwood.

It’s also the biggest.

“From what I understand. there are not too many homes at this size on the market that’s kind of perfect for a starter family home and a couple kids. So, we’re very excited to do this house and bring it to a family,” said Hagwood.

All proceeds from selling the home will go toward helping children with cancer and their families have a better quality of life in hospitals.

The Claire Parker Foundation makes and delivers care boxes, birthday boxes, and more to pediatric patients.

“Our founders have been through it. Their daughter, Claire, had cancer. They have walked through all the stages of initial diagnosis, to being in the hospital for extended periods of time, to not knowing when you’re going to be home to, unfortunately, the end of life. They just noticed the need for quality of life for somebody to be alongside of these patients right then and there.”

To donate or become a volunteer visit

Updates on when the house will be on the market will be on their Facebook page.