HOMETOWN ENTERTAINMENT: “Matilda” brings magic to Mill Mountain stage

“Matilda, the Musical” will take place from July 26 through August 6 on the Trinkle MainStage
The family-friendly show celebrates a young girl with special powers standing up to bullies
Published: Jul. 28, 2023 at 5:37 AM EDT
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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - “Matilda the Musical!” is lighting up Mill Mountain Theatre this summer.

“At its core, it’s really about the smallest person having the biggest heart,” says director and choreographer Hector Flores, Jr.

The audience is sure to fall in love with the spunky title character, who has a lot to overcome.

“The story itself follows a little girl born into a family who is nothing like her and she kind of goes on this journey to find to find her chosen family and along the way, there’s a lot of bullying that happens,” says Flores.

“I think the message that I see fully enveloped in this story is what Matilda says over and over, “That’s not right” and standing up for what she truly believes is right and good, which can be frightening,” adds music director Bethany Costello.

The cast of “Matilda” is made up of 22 local students, 18 and under.

“I think Roanoke theater-goers are going to love this production, because not only does it feature the community’s bright shining talent. Broadway future. Yes. But I also think there’ something for every member of the family,” says Costello.

“The caliber of talent that is here in Roanoke can and would compete with the talent that’s in New York. So, it’s been a joy to work with these kids,” says Flores.

Speaking of New York, the rehearsals for the musical moved at a Broadway pace.

“It’s been incredibly rewarding to watch these students tackle this; in seven days of rehearsals they’ve learned the entire production,” says Costello.

It’s a production that depicts how one brave voice can change her community for the better.

“The idea that one person can lead with love, and while leading with love can change the world,” says Flores.

To buy tickets to “Matilda, the Musical,” click this link.