Envigo Beagles reunite to celebrate one year of freedom

Published: Jul. 29, 2023 at 6:23 PM EDT
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SALEM, Va. (WDBJ) - Saturday marked the anniversary of the Envigo Beagles’ newfound freedom.

It’s been one year since Angels of Assisi adopted out beagles from Envigo, a Virginia breeding facility. As the dogs run free with each other, beagle owners reflect on the past year with their pups.

“I think it’s just the chance to look back and see how far along some of the dogs have come.” says beagle owner Joe Bryson.

Bryson organized a Facebook group in January for adopters in Roanoke. He adopted his beagle Talia last year.

“I used to drive her around with me in the winter and that was fine, then but come summer, that doesn’t work, so I had to leave her at home longer and longer,” added Bryson.

Angels of Assisi rescued around 100 dogs from the facility, giving homes to all of them last summer.

“They were very fearful and didn’t understand the touch of a human, how to even play,” says the Director of Development for Angels of Assisi, Carol Jessee.

Talia was a mommy pup at the age of six months. She had several litters by the time she was two years old. Bryson says when he adopted her, it took time to adapt to a normal dog life.

“My dog was awkward, nervous, walking up and down the stairs. Went slow, stumble and skid down a few stairs and stuff like that,” says Bryson.

Talia’s older brother Buddy has been a helping paw with the new adjustment.

“They haven’t had feet on the grass, they haven’t walked up and down the stairs, they hadn’t heard cars,” added Bryson.

Bryson says they will continue to have monthly meetings moving forward.