MORNIN’ MOTIVATIONS: Learning to navigate the new

Author and blogger Caitlyn Scaggs says the Back-to-School season brings a lot of changes that can be tough to handle at times
Published: Aug. 18, 2023 at 8:04 AM EDT
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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - This time of year, families are encountering big changes, such as starting a new school, or heading off to college for the first time.

Author and blogger Caitlyn Scaggs says she is experiencing this firsthand.

“I felt it deeply the other night as we walked the middle school halls with my daughter, Harper, tried her locker for the first time, and worked through her scheduling logistics. It was a lot! But I know that soon she will look back and chuckle about how it used to be hard and is now second nature. Watching our children grow up and achieve a new stage of life can feel intense! It may be exciting, scary, bittersweet, and hard - all in the same moment. Major life change can be wrapped in so many emotions,” says Scaggs.

Change can create strong emotions, including fear and anxiety. Scaggs says there are some ways to navigate the new things in a positive way:

- Give yourself grace as you adjust to a new normal

- Make sure to check in with friends who are also going through big life changes

-Share your feelings and own them.

- Eat well, Drink water, Get plenty of sunshine and movement in your days

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