“Enough is Enough” Sheriff highlights success of ‘Ceasefire: Victory in the Valley’

Updated: Sep. 15, 2023 at 6:15 PM EDT
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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - Roanoke City officials say the campaign Ceasefire: Victory in the Valley has helped decrease gun violence since being launched seven days ago.

Ceasefire: Victory in the Valley was kicked off on September 8th on the steps of the municipal building.

“Ceasefire today. Ceasefire tomorrow. Ceasefire in 30 days. Ceasefire in 90 days,” said Roanoke City’s Sheriff Antonio Hash. “Enough is enough.”

Hash says the campaign is a partnership between the city’s clergy and Law enforcement.

“To get the message out to our citizens those particularly involved in the violent crimes – the gang violence and things like that that a ceasefire has to take place because one we love our city,” explained Hash.

Fatal shootings this year in Roanoke have surpassed last year’s gun-related homicides. However, Hash says they’ve seen a decrease in gun violence since the launch of the initiative.

“And so every day that we go in our community where another innocent life is not taken from another family is important to me because it hurts everybody,” added Hash.

Officials appreciate the response from the community. People have stepped up to volunteer and donated to the cause.

“They excited about us being able to rally around each other after 30 days and say we have come together as a city to stop the gun violence or to ceasefire,” said Hash. “So, we’ve seen a huge increase of the support throughout the city.”

But if a shooting does occur during the 30 days, Hash says they will not stop putting in the work.

“If we do come upon where there is a tragic incident in our city my message will be tomorrow ceasefire: enough is enough,” Hash emphasized.

If you want to get involved – it is not too late.

Leaders say you can volunteer with organizations like Fed Up, the Reset team, or with local schools by being a reading buddy or mentor.

Hash emphasizes caring for yourself, connecting with pastors or mental health counselors, and talking with family and those you love about gun safety. It is also important to learn how to safely store and secure guns, with free gun locks being available at every Roanoke City school through the RPD and sheriff’s office.

To learn more about the campaign, watch the following video: