Community comes together to build playground at William M. Bass Elementary

Published: Sep. 30, 2023 at 8:41 PM EDT
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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ) - Volunteers from all over the city of Lynchburg came together to build a playground at William Marvin Bass Elementary School.

Leaders say this kid-designed playground will allow the community to connect.

75 volunteers are smiling through the sweat to get the playground ready for kids on Monday.

“One of the great things about this grant is that the students were able to design the playground. So they had a design day they were able to identify some things that were important,” says William Marvin Bass Elementary School’s Principal Monica Hendricks

She says the kids were detailed about what they wanted on their turf.

“One of the biggest things for them was a zip line and a shade space. So we have some trees going in. We have something that looks similar to a zip line, but it will it’ll take up half of our area back here,” adds Hendricks.

“I feel like sometimes, not that we’re overlooked but, because we’re a smaller school, We just don’t get as many opportunities as some of the other schools,” explains Hendricks.

Kaboom is a non-profit organization that helps communities build playgrounds.

“Thursday was our first prep day where we unloaded the playground truck, sorted out materials or hardware, cut out lumber Prep Day two was a continuation of the same,” says Project Manager Jeffery Hardy

Hardy says the entire construction process roughly takes three to four days.

“We’re here getting everything installed within a six-hour timeframe,” explains Hardy.

“We have so a few standalone panels that are definitely ADA accessible,” says Hardy. “So those that are using wheelchairs can definitely access some of the parts of the playground not all of the parts but we try to make it as inclusive as possible.”

“They are going to scream, yell, be very excited on Monday. Want to touch everything, explore everything so I know Monday will be an exciting day for them,” adds Hendricks.

Principal Hendricks says they are excited to have a space for students to learn and connect outside of the classroom.