Virginia Tech professors want to shine a light on online privacy

Updated: Oct. 12, 2023 at 3:00 PM EDT
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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - In a new monthly series on Here @ Home, we’re talking with two Virginia Tech professors who have launched an educational initiative.

Earlier this year, the two launched an educational digital initiative called Voices of Privacy. They have created webisodes addressing topical information.

Topics have included iPhone privacy settings, browser privacy, cyber scams, gaming, metaverse, social media, and more. The content and the way they present it is very easy to digest and applicable to a wide range of audiences

We sit down with Dr. France Belanger and Donna Wertalik to tell us more about their website and webinars so you can better understand what you can do to protect your information.

Check out this link to learn more.