EARLY YEARS: November is National Adoption Month

Commonwealth Catholic Charities says there area clear advantages to adopting locally
Commonwealth Catholic Charities offers personal support for birth moms and adoptive parents
Published: Nov. 8, 2023 at 6:02 AM EST
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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - When it comes to adoptions, there is no “typical” birth mom.

“I’ve had mothers who were in their 30s with Master’s degrees, they had professional jobs. It simply was not a time in their life that they felt like they had a lot to offer a child,” says Julie Vance, with the adoption program at Commonwealth Catholic Charities.

That’s where Commonwealth Catholic Charities comes in, offering a wide range of services, like finding resources for birth moms, and offering a shoulder to lean on.

“Many times, our moms are completely alone. They have no support. They have no one who can help them,” says Vance.

Vance says CCC has coordinated fewer adoptions the last couple of years, largely due to people searching online and using out-of-state agencies.

“The one thing that we can do that they cannot is that we can offer local resources. We can offer real-time support, real hands-on support. We offer special things like making sure that we get extra copies of the baby’s footprints at the hospital, just a lot of little details that sometimes get left out when you’re reaching out and going out of state to do things,” says Vance.

CCC also offers support for those looking to adopt.

Vance says among the requirements for prospective parents: an adoption orientation, home study, criminal background check and family profile. She adds things run smoother when there’s a relationship between the birth mom and the adoptive parents.

“I recently did an adoption where the adopted family attended the ultrasound appointment with the birth mom, supported her through it. They developed a relationship. It was very beautiful to watch,” says Vance.

Commonwealth Catholic Charities offers a variety of services for all types of families.

One side note, the Commonwealth Catholic Charities Hope Soccer Festival happening Saturday, November 25 at Patrick Henry High School. The event will help support refugee youth and families in our community. Click here for more details and to register.