EARLY YEARS: College student from Lynchburg offers insight into applying for scholarships

November is National Scholarship Month
Lynchburg student says she spends hours on scholarship applications and essays
Published: Nov. 15, 2023 at 5:52 AM EST
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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) -Since the age of four, Emily Mullen has been playing music.

She now plays nine instruments, but the violin is her favorite.

“I was surrounded by amazing music educators who inspired me to pursue music and it’s just one of those things, I fell in love with it,” says Mullen.

Mullen auditioned and was admitted into Shenandoah University’s Conservatory.

Earlier this year, she went on tour in Argentina with the Shenandoah’s Symphony Orchestra.

Along with her musical talent comes her drive to apply for scholarships.

Mullen says she started early.

“I want to say the first scholarship I applied to was in, like 8th grade,” says Mullen.

Now a college sophomore, Mullen was recently awarded the Future Educators Scholarship by the National Society of High School Scholars.

Emily was one of five students awarded the $1,000 scholarship.

She says applying for scholarships can be time consuming.

“When I do get on a roll, like December of last year, I got on a roll. I spent a good, like 10 hours or more just working on essays, applications,” says Mullen.

“I just takes a lot of time and effort and energy to research, find the scholarship and apply for them,” says Mullen.

Mullen says she’s earned several scholarships, and also utilized the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant.

She says financial aid can come from many different sources and interests. Some you might not even think of.

“I have won scholarships for like my civil war research I do through our institute here at school. I have won scholarships for like music education, future educators in general. I’ve applied for like, a Minecraft scholarship before,” says Mullen.