Forest Elementary students organize fundraiser for Elon Elementary

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FOREST, Va. (WDBJ7)-- In Bedford County, students at Forest Elementary School have started a fundraiser for Elon Elementary School.

The students saw the tornado's destruction on the news, and asked teachers how they could help. Today is day one of their fundraiser and they already brought in more than a thousand dollars.

"It just wasn't fair. Our house missed it completely. We just got to help them, it's the only fair way," said Jack Dolin, a fourth grade student.

They are collecting monetary donations through Tuesday. The students have even created incentives, like extra recess time if you donate.

"We really care about them and we want to keep raising as much money as we can to help them get clothes, food shelter, everything that was destroyed," said Kira Fabri, a fifth grade student.

More than thirty students at Elon Elementary have severely damaged homes. Ten students' homes were destroyed. Amherst County's superintendent sent Forest Elementary's principal and email expressing his gratitude for the help.