Hometown Eats: Angelle's Diner in Troutville

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TROUTVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) It's a place the locals say you've got to try if you're in the Troutville area. Angelle's Diner has become a staple in Botetourt County known for serving up country classics with their own twists.

Open breakfast, lunch and dinner, you better come hungry because they are not skimping out on portions.

Among the popular breakfast items is the southern smothered skillet, complete with hash browns, sausage, a biscuit and topped with eggs, sausage gravy and cheese.

Another hit is the omelettes, which are very unique here.

"These are fluffy omelettes," said Nancy Cooper. "Most of the time they’re flat and just folded over eggs. This is better.”

To get them so fluffy, Angelle's uses a machine that resembles what you make a milkshake in to beat the eggs for a few minutes.

If you're coming for lunch or dinner, the sandwiches are a must try.

If you're feeling real hungry, get the Full House, complete with 12 ounces of turkey, roast beef and ham, finished off with their own sauce fittingly called Awesome Sauce.

"Just tastes like something I would get at home, that my mom would make or grandmother would make. It tastes like home kind of,” said Katie Tarris.

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