Hometown Eats: Cheesesteak Factory and Jerk House in Salem

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SALEM, Va. (WDBJ7) There's a spot in Salem combining Jamaican flavors with Philadelphia staples. The Cheesesteak Factory and Jerk House has become a local's favorite, and for very good reason.

The two best sellers here are the jerk chicken platter and Philly cheesesteak.

“I mean even before you turn the corner, I mean you can just smell it. It attracts people," said Nicholas Crowder.

But if you're coming here, you better be hungry. They have one of the biggest cheesesteaks you've probably ever seen.

"We have the best seasoning around. The best cheesesteaks, the best meat, the best texture, the best Philly all together. It’s authentic Philly cheesesteak,” said owner Chauncey Savage.

The restaurant is located at 524 E 4th St, Salem, VA 24153. Their phone number is (540) 404-9368.

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