Hometown Eats: Chip and Jo's in Salem

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SALEM, Va. (WDBJ7) If you're looking for a tried and true spot to eat in Salem, you've got to try out Chip and Jo's. The locals say they go there up to five or six times every week!

"It is a good place. It’s a neighborhood place. It’s certainly not one of the chains,” said Wayne Ayers, one of the regulars here.

Chip and Jo's offers something for everyone, including breakfast all day. They're known for country cooking, huge pancakes and awesome burgers.

Every once in a while, owner Chip Shearer fires up the grill for some slow-cooked, delicious barbecue.

"I had a couple people tell me to do this, do this, and so I tried and put it all together and it works,” he said.

“This is southern hospitality, southern food, southern flavor times 10,” said WDBJ7's Josh Birch.

You've also got to be sure to try a staple on the menu called the gravy boat. You start with a scratch-made biscuit, then top it with potatoes, eggs and a ton of homemade sausage gravy.

Chip and Jo's is located at 315 8th St, Salem, VA 24153. Their phone number is (540) 387-9585.

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