Hometown Eats: Country Cafe in Hot Springs

HOT SPRINGS, Va. (WDBJ7) Hot Springs is a historic town, known mostly for the Omni Homestead. But, if you ask the locals where you have to go, they'll likely point you right to the Country Cafe.

It's become a staple for decades in the small town, offering up traditional country fare, with a home-cooked taste.

While the menu is vast, there seems to be two items that get the people talking.

First up is the fried catfish.

"We used to have fried flounder on the menu, but the catfish literally blew it out of the water,” said owner David Bradley.

"I've never been a catfish fan, but I crave their catfish," said John Delancett, who comes to the cafe at least four times a week. "I don’t know what they do to it but it’s delicious.”

But it's the peanut butter pie that has really put the Country Cafe on the map.

"In Bath county, it's the thanksgiving tradition instead of pumpkin pie," Bradley said.

You start with a traditional cream pie filling, topped with whipped cream and then finished off with peanut butter crumbles.

"Oh my gosh that’s the best thing here," said Ron Back. "That made me decide that this is the place that I always want to eat.”

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