Liberty University students join in to help with storm recovery

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Little by little - Westover Hills residents are getting their homes and yards back to normal. Today - they had some extra help.

About 30 volunteers, including 20 Liberty students came to help clean up the trees that are still laying on homes and in yards.

Woodlawn Baptist Church was right in the tornado's path Sunday.

"We never heard the tornado, rain, or thunder and when we came outside we saw the destruction around us, but we really only had one or two pieces of guttering that got tore loose from the church," said Bradley Childress, Woodlawn Baptist Church Pastor.

And the cross on top of the steeple was slightly bent. But that was it.

The pastor says he knew he had to help out the community, so he called in extra reinforcements - the Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia and the Liberty University Send Now Team.

"I take my time out of my week that I don't have a test to come and serve a city so close to my hometown, and so close to home that I've called for four years," said Sierra Campbell, Liberty University Student.

The students didn't just clean up the brush. They also prayed with the homeowners affected.

"Minister to the people that have been affected and show them that we're here to serve them and we're serving our greatest God, and that's why we're here," Campbell said.

The pastor at Woodlawn says even if residents don't go to his church, he wants them to know they're loved.

"We feel like this is our hometown, this is our family, and we just want to be here to serve them," Pastor Childress said.

The church groups will be here volunteering for the rest of the week. If you want to help out the rest of this week, the pastor says just come to Woodlawn Baptist Church and they will find a job for you.