Pet Stories: Daisy

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ROANOKE (WDBJ7)-- How about another puppy fix to end the week? In typical puppy fashion, four month old Daisy is adorable, snuggly, wiggly, playful and adorable. She has floppy little floppy ears show off the Hound mix in her and the hound coloring. Full of butt wiggles and puppy kisses, she is sure to win over a few hearts.

Daisy weighs 22 pounds and has been spayed, microchipped and received age-appropriate vaccinations. Because she just came in a couple days ago, we have not had time to get her glamour shot taken.

Shelters are full of stray dogs and cats that were picked up by animal control and brought to the municipal pound. Sometimes, there is a loving owner searching for their missing furry family member. Something as simply as making sure your dog or cat is microchipped can save your family the heartache of losing their pet.

While collars and tags are absolutely necessary for dogs, those things can come loose whether your dog gets out of your yard or slips out of the collar during a walk. What happens then? Scared dogs and cats can wander miles away from your home.

When a pet is picked up by animal control, they are brought to the municipal pound, in this case the Regional Center for Animal Care and Protection. One of the first things their staff does is to scan for a microchip.

When you adopt your dog or cat from the Roanoke Valley SPCA, every single one receipts a microchip. I will bring in a microchip and a scanner to show everyone what the kit and scanner look like. The chip is inserted with a special needle in between the shoulder blades, typically when the pet is under sedation for spay or neuter. But even if they are awake, it is not a painful process and can be done while awake.

Each microchip has a long number that is assigned to that microchip. In our case, we go onto a specific website, enter the microchip number and enter the Roanoke Valley SPCA's contact information. Once a pet is adopted, we provide directions to go onto the website and change the contact information to the owner's name.

If your lost pet is picked up, that microchip is read by the scanner, entered into the website and guess what, the owner's information pulls up. Then it's just a simple phone call to reunite the owner with the pet! Even if you find a stray pet, you can also contact your vet to see if they are able to scan the pet to see if there is a microchip. No searching websites, posting to Facebook, visiting municipal shelters and worrying for days. Quick and simple, your pet is back home with you.

If you do not have a microchip for your pet, ask your vet or find a local microchip clinic that can provide one!

If you're looking to adopt Daisy, The Roanoke Valley SPCA is open from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. so call 339-WAGS, or check out their website to make Daisy part of your family.