Pet Stories: Obi

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Star Wars: The Last Jedi just opened this weekend, so how appropriate that we meet a cat named Obi? The Force is strong with this one!

She is a one year old domestic short hair tabby, and she’s ready to meet her fur-ever home!

For more information, call the Roanoke Valley SPCA at 339-WAGS, or .

And Sylvie Peterson also talked about how to keep our furry friends safe this holiday season. Here’s what she had to say:

Whether your home has been decorated for a month or you are waiting until Christmas Eve, it is important to think of your pet's safety around the holidays. We covered a few with last week's New Puppy topic, but here's an extensive list.

1. Christmas tree
a. Tinsel Garland and Loose Strands of Garland. Cats enjoy playing with and eating tinsel.
b. Faux Snow and Angel Hair. Same with these items, if eaten can block the intestines.
c. Ornaments. Watch for plastic ornaments for small parts that can come off and be eaten. For glass ornaments, be sure to watch for fallen and broken pieces that can be stepped on or eaten.

2. How about lights? Be sure to turn off indoor lights when you are not home and at night while you sleep. Stands of Christmas lights and Electrical Cords Pets of all ages enjoy chewing on cords and if they reach the wiring while the tree is lit is can cause electrical shock. There are pet proof extension cords and there's also tubing you can use to cover the cords.

3. Other holiday hazards to consider?

a. Candles and Menorahs. Anything lit that has an aroma can be enticing to your pet. Keep them out of reach and do not leave them on unattended. And watch for wagging tails that can knock down a lit candle.
b. Wrapping Paper and Decorations. Watch for ribbon and twine because pets, especially cats, like to ingest them.
c. Garland and Wreaths made from fresh greens. Make sure there are no greens that can make your pet sick, including holly and mistletoe, poinsettias.