Tornado survivors share their story

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CAMPBELL Co., Va. (WDBJ7) Customers and employees at the Timberlake Road Starbucks witnessed the tornado touch down. Larissa Ertel was finishing her shift at Starbucks while her friend Danielle Wills waited for her on Sunday.

"I got this feeling in my gut like this is not good," said Larissa Ertel. "My first thought was, I'm not trained for this. I don't know what I'm suppose to do!"

Both women say it got eerily quiet and calm, then they saw patio furniture fly into the air. "I pushed the blinds back and saw the sky turn green, I saw the tunnel start to come down," said Danielle Wills.

Wills says doors flew open, glass shattered, ceiling tiles fell, and she ran for safety to the bathroom taking the other customers with her. "I panicked because I realized Larissa wasn't in the room," said Wills. "I opened the door and went out to find her. Just as I opened the door that's when the shelf and everything fell and glass flying around. Then just like that it just stopped."

Ertel dropped to the floor with her coworker behind the counter. "It was obvious that God was in there protecting us," said Ertel. "There is no way that someone walked out without a scratch without God protecting us."

Looking back Ertel and Wills realize they survived two minutes that could've turned out differently. Ertel says they are waiting to see if the building will be restored or if they will move locations.