Local family assesses their lost belongings; hopeful for future after Sunday's storms

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AMHERST COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Today, people in Elon were taking account of what was spared by the storm. For some, that wasn't much at all. And the people who are living this can't wrap their heads around it, either.

If you looked around, it'd be so easy to see the loss. Built over years -- gone in an instant.

"20 seconds it's all gone," said John Massie.

Melissa Massie and her husband, John remember those seconds well.

"The roof was coming off the house as he come down the steps," Melissa Massie said.

Now, a ceiling light hangs where no ceiling remains.

They just spent the week repainting the living room. Mother Nature took those walls -- but left the pasta in the cabinets. No rhyme or reason to what stayed, and what went.

"This was my daughter's room. What's left of it," Melissa said.

Her nail polish stayed put. But her new car sits in the driveway -- damaged by the tornado.

Insurance adjusters took a tally of what's gone. But Melissa says more important than the loss, is what they found.

"Found out we've had some really good friends that we really didn't even know."

That help is needed now more than ever. The loss is easy to see -- what's more difficult is their path forward.

"One day at a time, one day at a time and try to rebuild," the couple said.

They say they've had an outpouring from the community. Everything from how they can help to giving them rides and a place to stay.