Former VT student accused of illegally having firearm denied bond

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CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) A former Virginia Tech student accused of having a firearm illegally was denied bond in Montgomery County court Thursday afternoon.

The judge said if Yunsong Zhao was granted bond, immigration officials would most likely remove him from the country, which wouldn't allow the court to try him on his charge.

Zhao was arrested after a detective saw him attach a 30 round magazine to a rifle.

Both are legal separately, but when joined, by law, they're considered as an assault weapon and illegal for people using similar visa's.

His lawyer told the judge he never broke the law, followed university protocol, and instead used a 20 round magazine, which is allowed.

"It's clear he was following university policy, by storing his gun in the gun locker, checking it out when he went to the firing range, returning it to the gun locker when he was done," said Jason Wolfrey, Zhao's attorney.

His lawyer said his mother is coming from China to be with him and is using help from the Chinese Embassy.