UPDATE: Deputies identify couple stuck in wrecked vehicle near Brosville for days

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Imagine being stuck at the bottom of an embankment for nearly six days, not knowing if someone would ever come to your rescue.

That happened to a couple in Pittsylvania County, leaving one man dead and a woman injured.

A sheriff's deputy found the couple. He went looking for them after they missed a few doctor's appointments.

Driving down Stony Mill School Road, deputies say it's easy to miss this area of pushed down weeds.

"It was in a cut over that had regrown, so it was real thick with briars and sapling trees," says Brosville Fire and Rescue Chief, Kevin Farris.

Deputies say Billy Hughes and Sandra Stephenson were backing out of their driveway last Thursday when the gas pedal got stuck and they went down into a ravine.

On Tuesday morning a sheriff's deputy went to the couple's home to look for them.

Corporal Robert Grubbs noticed something unusual near the driveway.

"Looked down the ravine and I could see something shiny, and something red. At this point, I then heard somebody yell for help and I travelled down," says Corporal Grubbs.

He found Sandra Stephenson in the vehicle, and Billy Hughes laying outside of the car. Hughes was dead.

"She just started thanking God that I had found her," says Grubbs.

A woman who says she's a family member of Stephenson posted these photos on Facebook Tuesday, just minutes before the couple was found.

Stephenson was taken to a Danville hospital with injuries.

Corporal Grubbs went to check on her Wednesday.

"How did it make you feel to be able to find them and kind of have a resolution to the case?" asked WDBJ7's Hannah Story.

"I was relatively relieved. I mean I ran 50 yards through the briers to get to her," Grubbs replied

Stephenson is still at SOVAH Health in Danville tonight.

As for Hughes, his body was sent to the medical examiner's office to determine a cause of death.


Pittsylvania County deputies have identified the two people involved in a deadly vehicle wreck that went undiscovered for nearly a week.

Deputies say Sandra Stephenson was the woman found alive inside a wrecked vehicle near Stony Mill School Road Tuesday. Stephenson was taken to SOVAH Health in Danville, where she is currently responsive and able to talk. A deputy who visited her in the hospital Wednesday described her as being in "good spirits."

Billy Hughes was the person found dead near the wrecked vehicle, according to deputies. They say Hughes and Stephenson were a couple.


A Pittsylvania County man is dead and a woman is recovering in a hospital, following a freak accident that left them stranded in a ditch for nearly a week.

Rescue crews say a wrecked vehicle was found off Stony Mill School Road near Brosville yesterday morning.

A man was found near the car. He was dead.

Inside the crashed vehicle, rescue crews say they found a woman clinging to life. They believe she had been stuck with no food or water for five days.

Rescuers believe the car wrecked sometime last week, and the man may have died while trying to escape and seek help. The car was discovered by a Pittsylvania County sheriff's deputy, who went looking for the man and woman after they missed several doctor's appointments.

Names of the people involved and the condition of the woman who survived the crash were not immediately available.