100+ Women Who Care launches in NRV to help local non-profits

Published: Apr. 19, 2016 at 6:43 PM EDT
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A new group throughout the New River Valley began meeting Tuesday night to raise tens of thousands of dollars every year for local charities.

The New River Valley has lots of charities and non-profits and they all can use some help financing the work they do.

"Believe it or not we have a lot of need here in the NRV," Beth Ann Parker said. "It looks like such a beautiful place but there are people who are in need in multiple ways and to be able to help them, it just warms my heart."

The 100+ Women Who Care New River Valley Chapter brings committed members together to donate $100 each to these organizations four times per year.

Parker, a co-founder of the chapter said, "If I write a check to a local charity for $100, that has a minor impact. But if we get a 100 women together and we each write a check for $100, that gives them $10,000 at one time."

All charities and organizations up for consideration must be in the NRV area, non-profit 501(c)3 and non-controversial.

Like their other three meetings this in 2016, Tuesday's meeting was at Bull and Bones in Blacksburg and open to anyone who wants to get involved or suggest a non-profit to be helped.

The other meetings are scheduled for April 19, July 19, and October 18.

Another co-founder of the chapter, Sarah Black, said, "Everyone from the organization will get together, have a drink, have some dinner if you want. Three organizations will be drawn from a hat, they must have a member representing them, and all of the money is available immediately to the elected organization."

"So whatever your passion is, if it's a local organization, we're happy to present it and vote on it," Parker added.

But if people can't make it to the meetings, they can still be involved.

"Anyone can be a committed member," Black said. "They can email us, you can also check out our website, download a commitment form or fill one out online and get it back to us."

To learn more or take part without attending a meeting, click the link attached to this article to the chapter's website or email

Black and Parker said it's not just women who can take part. Despite the name, they hope all kinds of people choose to take part and help out.