17-year-old Country Cookin server in Lynchburg shows how small acts of kindness can have a priceless impact

Published: Aug. 14, 2018 at 5:31 PM EDT
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Have you ever had someone pick up your tab at a restaurant just because? That's exactly what Cohen Naulty did except he picked up a bill in mostly quarters!

Naulty is a 17-year-old server at Country Cookin in Lynchburg. He was originally highlighted on social media after he paid for his friends' lunch tab in mostly all quarters and small bills and left a generous tip.

Naulty said he wanted to do something nice for someone, but had no idea it would turn into something viral on social media.

After this random act of kindness Naulty was known as Quarter Boy. Since this day, Country Cookin, the Virginia-based restaurant chain, announced Quarters for Kindness, an initiative that rewards people who carry out small acts of kindness that result in big smiles and warm hearts.

Country Cookin's Quarters for Kindness picks up the breakfast, lunch, or dinner tab for two when someone is caught in the act of spreading kindness.

Once a week, each of Country Cookin's 13 Virginia locations will recognize people doing good things in small ways. The popular restaurant chain will give $2500 in Quarters for Kindness meals to members of our community who go out of their way to bless people.

Since Naulty began being recognized on social media, his act of kindess turned into a kindness-affirming movement. With over $5,000 in donations from individuals and restaurants in and around Lynchburg, Virginia, he spends his days blessing people at area businesses.

With a bag full of quarters, Naulty says he surprises people by picking up their tabs, resulting in an outbreak of smiles in and around the community.

The public is invited to nominate people caught spreading kindness in their communities. Country Cookin and Cohen will choose the recipients for the weekly Quarters for Kindness meals. Quarters for Kindness runs through the Labor Day weekend.

If you are interested in nominating someone who is spreading kindness, you can click