23 students released from emergency room in Pulaski County

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PULASKI COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7)-- According to LewisGale Regional Health System, all 23 students taken for treatment have been discharged from LewisGale Hospital Pulaski.

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The students were at Calfee Park for the first-of-its-kind field trip for middle school students Tuesday when calls for help started coming in.

“Can you bring rescue to the ballpark? We got a juvenile kid passed out. Needs to be checked out.”

This is an example of just one of the calls that was made to get help. A group of several hundred sixth and seventh grade students was at the stadium on a field trip.

“My belly started feeling sick and my head started hurting," said sixth grader Lilly Emery.

Emery was one of the students rushed to the hospital.

“I went to play with my friends, sat down and got back up, then sat down again," she said. "Next thing I noticed was my friend screaming for help and then I didn’t hear anything after that.”

Soon after, her mother got a panicked call from her son who was also at the game.

“They put the EMT on the phone and the EMT had stated that they thought that it was heat exhaustion, but they didn’t know for sure, so they thought it was a good idea to take her to the hospital," said Rebecca Shears, Emery's mother.

Shears said when she arrived at the hospital, she knew this was a lot bigger than only her daughter.

“The weirdest part was when I got there, walking through the emergency room because you could see all of the children lined up, and it looked like the entire emergency room was nothing but children," Shears said.

When she got to her daughter, she could tell she was on the mend.

“She was very, very pale, still a little lethargic, kind of out of it a little bit, but she was still herself and she knew who I was and all of that," Shears said. "She was already starting to come back around.”

Emery was one of the first three students to be released from the hospital. The family is relieved to be back together and hopes for better hydration next year if they decide to hold this field trip again.

“Hindsight’s 2020 so this will be a lot better next year, but I really do hope they do it again because it was a great opportunity for the kids," Shears said. “I think that maybe a couple of drinks throughout the day or even a cooler of Gatorade near them or something like that would have been a beneficial thing for them.”

We have reached out to the general manager of the Yankees but have not yet heard back.

Pulaski County schools said in a statement they are very grateful for the quick work of first responders and the staff at the ballpark.

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