3 people injured in small plane crash in Bath County

Published: Oct. 8, 2016 at 1:36 PM EDT
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Three people went to the hospital Saturday night after a small plane crashed just outside of Hot Springs in Bath County. Two of the them were in the plane and the third was one of the people sent to rescue them.

A passenger in the plane was able to call 911 and say they had crashed, but had no idea where they were. The experimental aircraft went down just a mile or two south of town Friday afternoon.

Rescuers with the help of the U.S. Air Force were able to ping that cell phone and find this scene. The pilot and the passenger suffered some broken bones and cuts and but made it out alive.

The plane was flying from Kentucky to Maryland when they tried landing at the local airport because of weather.

"There was no mechanical failure that we know of at this point, obviously it's an ongoing investigation," First Sgt. Anthony Nicely of Virginia State Police said. "I spoke to one of the supervisors on scene at the site and they were just trying to get in to go to Ingalls and got too low in the fog and couldn't see anything and just crashed straight into the side of the mountain."

The plane crashed about 200 feet below the ridge line. The crash site was far from paved roads. Rainy weather complicated the rescue efforts and one of the rescuers suffered cuts to his leg and head.

The Federal Aviation Administration asked local crews to leave the crash undisturbed. It will come to investigate why this happened.