Veterans call on Senator McCain, GOP to withdraw support for Trump

Crystal Havens, an army veteran, says she is standing against Donald Trump's message of Islamophobia, bigotry, xenophobia, and hatred.
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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - Un-endorse Trump. That was the message from a group of veterans on Capitol Hill Thursday, in light of the Republican nominee’s controversial week. Veterans from across the country gathered near the U.S. Senate, urging top brass in the GOP to withdraw their support for the candidate.

A group of veterans is unhappy with the Republican nominee and they carried 100,000 signatures to Capitol Hill from Americans who feel the same. Recent spats with Gold Star family, the Khans, have this group of vets calling for veteran Senator John McCain (R-AZ) to dump Donald Trump.

"We’re appealing to him directly because we feel like he can be persuaded by over 100,000 signatures from people of the United States, presented by Veterans," said Crystal Cravens, an army veteran from Colorado Springs.

She says McCain is a good entry point to getting the rest of the GOP to withdraw support.

"They’re being delivered to him by communities who took it upon ourselves to walk away from our private lives and commute all the way to the United States Capitol," said Cravens.

The Arizona Senator is standing firm in his support for the nominee, even after Trump said he wouldn’t endorse McCain in his Senate race.

"I’ve said that I would support the nominee of the party," said McCain recently in a press conference. "And let me just say to you, that is the last time. If I change my view or my position, then you will be among the first to know."

As Trump deals with the backlash, he claims his relationship with military families and veterans is strong.

"I met with six families that were just like incredible people, and a gentleman handed me a check and he said, ‘You know Mr. Trump, this is for your campaign,'" said Trump at a rally.

Cravens and company aren’t buying it.

"One person’s endorsement does not represent an entire community’s endorsement."

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