Sweet Briar gets electroacoustic studio

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SWEET BRIAR, Va. (WDBJ7) Briana McCall is a senior music major at Sweet Briar College.

"Usually when I write something I'll just record it on my iPhone and that's kind of my way of logging what I've written."

That's how she says she usually composes her music. Thanks to this fancy program, that's all about to change.

"It allows us to make recording that we can put out and that are professional enough to use in our projects," according to McCall.

It's an electroacoustic studio. Students will now be able to record music and have it composed on a computer in real time.

"Electroacoustic music is essentially music that's created through electronic means. Usually now a days its in a computer," says Sweet Briar Assistant Professor of Music Joshua Harris."

"I wish we got it three years ago," says McCall.

A grant paid for the software. The total cost is about $10,000.

Both Harris and McCall are already looking forward to the benefits of the lab.

"It's gonna add a new dimension. It's going to give especially women an opportunity to come here and study music composition," says Harris.

McCall says, "I'm just excited to get started on using it."