Lynchburg downtown comes alive for Small Business Saturday

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Many flocked to downtown Lynchburg this morning to shop local.

“I think it’s adorable. I love this place. It’s bustling down here. All the shopkeepers are very friendly," Eileen Kees said.

“Definitely gonna get some stuff. Gonna look around some more," Caleb Salsman added.

Melinda Mead grew up in Lynchburg and knows how important this is to the city.

“Great little shops. It’s just important for especially the downtown area to come back and thrive like it once used to," Mead said.

More than a dozen local businesses participated in the event. Katelyn Harris has worked at High Peak Sportswear for over a year. She says the unofficial holiday attracts customers they wouldn’t normally have.

“I think that the Small Business Saturday brings in a lot of out of towners downtown. And a lot of them come in and don’t really know they have these businesses that are owned locally to shop in.”

Small business workers like Harris say that they enjoy it just as much as the customers do, making it fun and easy to support small businesses and give back to the community.