Danville preparing for upcoming snow

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) Danville Public Works is busy planning for the forecasted snow.

"We've been preparing for several days now. Checking out our equipment. Making sure our stock piles are where they should be," according to Danville Director of Public Works, Richard Drazenovich.

Getting the city ready for it's first snow of the season.

"We'll go on to two 12-hour shifts when the snow starts and work continually through the storm," Drazenovich said.

Starting tomorrow morning, crews will begin treating the roadways.

"We have 9600 gallon tankers that we put on the roads. They put a nice even layer of the salt brine on the driving lanes," Drazenovich said.

According to Drazenovich, main roads and highways are the top priority. Once they're treated with brine or cleared of snow, secondary roads will come next.

And while they don't give driving advice, Drazenovich encourages people not to drive behind the trucks.

"You need to stay back and give them room to do their job," Drazenovich said.