Business continues to boom in Downtown Lynchburg

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) Keith Sweeney and his wife moved to Lynchburg about four years ago. After deciding not to buy an existing restaurant, they chose to start not one, but two businesses.

"We originally were only going to do the restaurant and we decided the space was too big for the restaurant, so we went ahead and decided to do the coffee house," Sweeney said.

Both Emerald Stone Grill, an Irish restaurant and Dublin 3 Coffee Shop are located on Jefferson Street. Sweeney feels that this is the perfect location.

"It's a great place to live. We've got lofts above us, lofts around us and we just feel like the more places you have to eat in Lynchburg, it'll just draw more people from all over," Sweeney said.

Speaking of lofts, The Piedmont Mill Lofts are the latest housing addition to downtown.

"It was a flour mill, so some of the units in the back, actually we have wooden walls in the back that are stacked that used to hold the grain," partner Mitchell Namrow said.

They too, expect this will help bring money into the city.

"The more people down here, the more they're gonna be spending money on food, going out downtown," Namrow said.

The Emerald Stone Grill is planning to open this weekend and Dublin 3 Coffee shop will open next month. As for the Piedmont Mill Lofts, they're actually planning to convert those concrete cylinders outside the building into housing as well.